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Cost Action CA17129 – Catalysing transcriptomics research in cardiovascular disease (CardioRNA)

Project description:

The Management Committee Members in Austria are Univ.-Prof. Dr. Mariann Pavone-Gyöngyösi and Matthias Hackl PhD (TamiRNA).

This Action aims to create an interdisciplinary network to accelerate the understanding of transcriptomics in cardiovascular disease (CVD) and further the translation of experimental data into usable applications to improve personalized medicine.

The human transcriptome, which is the set of all RNA produced in a cell, is much more complex than previously thought. This Action aims to provide opportunities for collaboration from complementary backgrounds, allowing the functions of different RNAs and their interactions to be more rapidly deciphered in the cardiovascular context for translation into the clinic.

This Action will 

  1. generate grant proposals to advance understanding of the transcriptome’s role in CVD and to translate findings into clinical applications, thus fostering personalized medicine.
  2. CardioRNA will refine guidelines for transcriptomics investigations in CVD to increase reproducibility of results, facilitating clinical product development.
  3. It will disseminate knowledge through different types of meetings, prioritizing students and early career investigators.

Thus, this Action will advance studies on cardiovascular transcriptomics, generate innovative projects and consolidate the leadership of European research groups in the field.

Management Committee Members of the MUV are Univ.-Prof. Dr. Mariann Pavone-Gyöngyösi and Dr. Johannes Winkler.