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SCIENCE – „Stem Cell therapy in IschEmic Non-treatable Cardiac diseasE“

Call/Topic: H2020-PHC-15-2014 – Clinical research on regenerative medicine
Project duration: 01/2015 – 12/2019
Total costs: € 6.000.000
Contribution of MUV: € 422.000
The Medical University of Vienna acts as a project partner led by Prof. Dr. Mariann Gyöngyösi, Clinical Department of Internal Medicine II, Division of Cardiology.
Project coordinator is Prof. Dr. Jens Kastrup, Rigshospitalet, Denmark.
Consortium: 9 partners

Stem Cell therapy in IschEmic Non-treatable Cardiac diseasE (SCIENCE)

SCIENCE is a multicentre clinical trial in a strong consortium of experienced international scientists and experts as well as significant representatives of the biomedical industry within translational medicine and a close collaboration with relevant authorities. The overall aim of the SCIENCE project is to implement an effective stem cell-based therapy with allogeneic adipose derived stromal cells (ASCs) to improve myocardial function in patients with ischemic heart disease and heart failure (IHD).

Arbeitsgruppe Mariann Pavone-Gyöngyösi